A vision piece exploring how Huawei, a global leader in technology can change the way they communicate their brand through a digital medium for a more high-end target market. Their products include mobile phones, tablets, wearables, broadband and home devices. My role focused on designing a user interface experience that complemented an entirely new art direction for Huawei’s consumer website.

Inspiring and creating meaningful moments

As part of a design team, the aim of the project was to not simply present Huawei’s products in a clear, concise and elegant way. It was to create a truly high-end and engaging experience that challenges the way consumers view their products and services.

Discovering human stories and introducing consumers to an exciting showcase of beautiful art, design, fashion and popular culture.

Users captivate themselves with an entire library of rich content. Not only would these human focused stories, interviews and features explore interesting themes, they’d aid in developing Huawei’s visual language and brand experience in a more engrossing and meaningful manner. Capturing these moments are then further supported by an easy to navigate product section. Products can be easily compared, customised and explored right down to its technical specifications and tariff deals from third party suppliers.