Invicta is a vision created by two designers who believe news platforms have a responsibility to effectively inform and actively engage their readers. The project earned me a New Blood D&AD Graphite Pencil as well as a Glendenbrook Enterprise and Innovation award.

A digital news platform serving a purpose

The news service was produced as a separate but related entity to The Telegraph – allowing us to define strong, independent principles whilst still embodying all of what the Telegraph aims to communicate.

Using a visual language that focuses on clarity and efficiency, Invicta provides an aesthetically pleasing, more engaging way to read and dissect information from news stories and events.

With today’s digitally dependent society requiring instant interpretation of information on the move, the news service allows readers to explore a growing library of news events, stories and facts from a selection of trusted sources. Managing, analysing and comparing data through a range of multimedia is simply enhanced by an ever-expanding collection of icons and clear visual language system.

The primary aim of the Invicta news service focuses on encouraging users to become actively involved in the news on a personal, local and global scale.

Invicta’s change section brings together content that allows convenient access to products, services and events that users can participate in or adopt. In addition, users are given a voice and role with the news stories Invicta covers. Users are able to participate by submitting feedback, insights, as well as stories and event suggestions that may not have yet been published or covered as much in the media, if at all. The visual language system was also documented in a print publication that explores every aspect of the service, its identity and design focused approach.