With a desire to create something different for the skincare market, Mýego aims to empower men to take care of their skin. Today Mýego labs create a range of natural skincare products for independent people, made in the UK in limited batches that embody this tradition.

Empowering natural skincare for men

The brand identity takes inspiration from the simple processes and natural botanicals within the products. Earthy hues, geometric icons, packaging, imagery and illustrations create the design system making the brand recognisable, bold and relatable.

Vivid art direction and illustrations enriched the digital experience allowing users to get closer to the products and their benefits.

Working in-house with creative director Ben Sandhu, my role was to apply the redefined visual language and its unique ethos into the brands web experience. A simplified layout that lets the product, information, illustrations and photography take the forefront whilst soft colour tones are used to both compliment and establish a uniqueness for each product.