With over 1,000 attendees each year, New Front has become one of the most inspirational, educational, and insightful conferences for the creative industries. I was involved in the branding and art direction for last year’s event.

A year full of omg’s and wtf’s

2016 was a year of the unexpected, where anything could and did happen. New Front asked for an identity that embraced this turbulent year.

The identity and visual language for the event evolves around the idea of uncertainty.

Fluid shapes, typography and raw imagery continuously morph to represent the ever-changing and evolving state of the industry and world. Typography and colour were used to soften and balance with the use of raw, outspoken imagery which focused of themes of politics, science, economics and popular culture. Creative material included a website and social material to publicise the event, as well as integrating the branding within the physical event space.